We are researchers and practitioners from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro who are dedicated to increasing knowledge about the prevalence and effects of intimate partner violence (IPV) related traumatic brain injury (TBI), building awareness of the personal, social, and economic impact of IPV related TBI, and creating tools for community stakeholders to assist in screening for risk.

Our Purpose

Alarming Statistics

  • Emergency room data showed that 67% of women treated for IPV-related injuries reported problems that were indicative of injuries to the head

  • TBI is present in anywhere between 30% and 74% of all victims of IPV who seek services in battered women’s shelters or emergency departments.

  • Women from both shelter and non-shelter populations who all had sustained at least one physical abusive encounter and found nearly 75% of the entire sample reported an IPV-related TBI.

  • TBIs are often unreported and untreated among IPV